11 Things You Do During Insect Control That Bee and Wasp Exterminators Hate

11 Things You Do During Insect Control That Bee and Wasp Exterminators Hate

August 16, 2019 0 By Origins java

Dealing with bees and wasps is no joke. Stinging insects can become a nuisance very quickly, especially when they are disturbed. It’s why bee and wasp exterminators always remind their clients to handle the situation carefully. However, some people can become too impatient and derail (and even worsen) the process. When this happens, things can get ugly.

STOP These Pest Management Techniques Right Away!

Are you guilty of these mistakes? Read on and discover the top things you need to stop doing now to avoid giving headache and piling up tasks to your local bee and wasp exterminators.

  1. Leaving open trash containers – Most homeowners are guilty of this, but it’s nothing to be proud of. Wasps are easily attracted to meat and other protein-based food scraps, which can be found in trash cans and picnic sites. Keep your trash containers covered and tightly sealed at ALL TIMES to avoid attracting wasps.
  2. Not cleaning up around fruit trees – As the warm season ends, wasps shift their diet from protein to sweets. They enjoy indulging on fallen fruits. As such, a wasp exterminator near me advises homeowners to consistently clean up these areas.
  3. Leaving pet foods exposed – Wasps lurk in places where they have previously found food. To discourage them from returning to your home, make sure to keep your pet food indoors.
  4. Putting up bright, floral décor – Want to keep your house free from bees and wasps? Banish the bright, floral prints on your walls and yard. Wasps fly around looking for nectar. So if your home is filled with floral prints, then they are like to perceive it as a good source of nectar.
  5. Approaching an active nest without caution – This goes without saying, but a lot of people still commit this mistake. As much as possible, avoid performing DIY treatments. The best thing you can do is to call a wasp exterminator near me to handle the infestation professionally.
  6. Ignoring cracks and crevices – Wasps and other pests can easily penetrate your home through these holes. Make sure to pest-proof your house by sealing cracks inside and outside the premises.
  7. Leaving stagnant water – Like all living things, bees and wasps also need water to thrive during the summer. To avoid bee and wasp infestation, limit outdoor water resources. This is also an important measure of mosquito control.
  8. Knocking down the nest Bee removal in Los Angeles is no easy feat. It’s why it is always best to leave the task to professional exterminators. Removing the bee or wasp nest on your own can only worsen the situation and trigger angry wasps.
  9. Using an excessive amount of pesticides – They say that more is better, but this is not always the case. You must follow instructions carefully, as written on the pesticide bottle, to avoid risking your health.
  10. Dealing with angry wasp nest on your own – We get it — it can be tempting to just remove the nest on your own and get it over with. But it’s not that simple. Once the hive is disturbed, it will only make the situation more complicated. Again, the best way to deal with bees and wasps is to call the professionals.
  11. Panicking – The last thing bee and wasp exterminators would want to see during insect control operations are people panicking. Keep calm and let the pros handle their job.

Halt the DIY — Call the Pros!

Bee removal in Los Angeles properties should never be taken lightly. Once you spot a bee or wasp nest in your home, make sure to call the experts right away. They are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for the job.