5 Rule-Breaking Alternatives to Modern Coffee Table Sets

5 Rule-Breaking Alternatives to Modern Coffee Table Sets

May 17, 2019 0 By Origins java

Living rooms may be incomplete without a coffee table, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same old tricks. These alternatives to modern coffee table sets may not be traditional, but they are equally as beautiful, functional, and attention-grabbing as the classics.

5 Alternatives to Traditional Coffee Tables

It doesn’t take much to get adventurous with your coffee table style. In fact, all of these options are available from modern furniture stores in LA! Give your living room a dash of unexpected style with these creative substitutes:

  1. A Pair of Side Tables

A matching pair of side tables or end tables is a fantastic way to create the illusion of a single coffee table. You can easily pull them apart to be used separately if needed, and just push them together for a bigger surface.

This multi-purpose versatility is particularly suited for smaller living rooms with no space for a lot of furniture. Side tables tend to be very light as well, so you can easily rearrange them if you need to.

  1. Ottomans

Transform the humble foot stool into a living room star by using it as your new coffee table. Putting a large tray on top gives you a place to put down your drinks and corral décor, and removing it instantly provides more seating.

Ottomans are also a great way to infuse more soft curves into the room instead of the usual hard and severe lines of traditional coffee tables. To up the style factor, consider choosing tufted ottomans as part of your contemporary sofa set.

  1. Storage Bench

Storage benches from contemporary furniture stores in LA works for more than just seating and keeping out clutter – it’s a fresh way to switch up your coffee table game as well! The flat surface of a storage bench can function as a table for holding both decorative items and drinks. Feel free to use two small benches or one long bench to match your living room layout.

  1. Nesting Tables

Another creative replacement for coffee tables is a nesting table. Instead of the regular round or square shape, nesting tables incorporate varying heights and several layers to create a waterfall effect. It’s much more visually interesting than a coffee table, and you can find elegant nesting tables made of wood, glass, and other materials from modern furniture stores in Los Angeles.

  1. Backless Benches

Backless benches not only add seating to your home, but they’re also pretty good coffee table alternatives too. Backless benches are sturdy and will hold décor, drinks, and reading materials well. They’re also a great complement to a modern contemporary sofa with mid-century style if you’re going for the minimalist aesthetic.

Think Outside the Box with Your Coffee Table

Replacing the usual coffee table with these alternatives is a terrific way to revamp your living room without spending on a total redesign. Some of these options offer clever storage, some provide versatility, but all of them have the ability to breathe new life into your living room without sacrificing looks or function.