5 Tips on Removing Urine Stains on Your Artificial Pet Turf

5 Tips on Removing Urine Stains on Your Artificial Pet Turf

May 9, 2019 0 By Origins java

Artificial pet turf installation gives your pet a safe and secure play space. It can also be useful addition to your home, making it a worthwhile investment for you and your pets. However, although it can be convenient at times, it can also be a bit of a hassle, especially when you have to deal with urine and feces on your artificial turf. With these tips on removing stains from your artificial turf, taking care of your pet will be easier to handle.

How to Remove Urine Stains from Artificial Grass

Installing artificial turf in your San Jose home can be great for saving water since it can be drained in an instant. With dog urine, however, the odor can still emanate around your premises.

Here are easy and fast tricks to remove stains from artificial grass:

  1. Rinse the spot with water.

When your pet pees anywhere on artificial grass, it’s best to rinse the spot where they peed on with some water. It can get some of the moisture out, as well as the odor while it dries out. To make the job extra effective, consider rinsing the spot with a bit of soapy water to replace the odor with a pleasant scent instead.

  1. Make use of pet odor removers.

Keeping synthetic grass in San Jose, CA clean can be made easy when you have a product that’s designed for such a task. Luckily for many homes that have artificial grass installed, there are pet odor removers out there that can remove the odors that are left from the mess. Just mix a generous amount of water and apply it on the turf for a more thorough cleaning.

  1. Apply rubbing alcohol on the spot.

Rubbing alcohol is another great cleaning agent you can use for removing urine stains on artificial grass. Simply apply the alcohol on the spot your pet peed on and wait for it to dry. This is great not only for removing odors, but also disinfecting your artificial turf as well.

  1. Mix water with vinegar.

Another substance that can keep an artificial pet turf safe from any mess is vinegar. Although it can smell a bit overwhelming at times, it can be very effective to use for particularly tough urine stains, especially on the strongest of odors.

Mix equal parts water and vinegar and place it in a spray bottle. Spray it on the spots your pets may have peed on, wipe it down for a bit, and wait for it to dry. The smell of the vinegar can rid your turf of the odor and leave it cleaner than ever.

  1. Use bleach for cleaning dog urine on artificial grass.

Bleach should be handled with care. Be sure to mix just the right amount of bleach with water to prevent the smell from being too overpowering.

Keep Artificial Grass Clean from Pet Stains!

Whether it be urine or fecal matter, keeping artificial grass clean will not only keep your pets safe and clean, but it will also free your home from any odors and stains. Make use of these five artificial grass cleaning tips and your pet’s play space will surely not become a source of disarray.