5 Unexpectedly Brilliant Uses for a Contemporary Sofa

5 Unexpectedly Brilliant Uses for a Contemporary Sofa

September 1, 2019 0 By Origins java

A contemporary sofa may be a living room mainstay, but with a little placement creativity, it can revamp almost any space. Thinking of redesign? Unleash the power of the humble sofa with these fresh ways to use them around the house!

5 Surprising Ways to Use a Contemporary Sofa

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your interior décor, schedule a trip ASAP to modern furniture stores in LA. You’ll find a wide range of contemporary sofas in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to suit just about any style.

Before you purchase a sofa, remember that you can use this versatile seat for a lot more than just sitting in front of the television. Here are some unexpectedly smart ways to use your brand-new contemporary sofa:

1. As a home office lounge

Give your visiting clients a comfy spot to relax in. Replace those hard-backed chairs in your home office with a contemporary sofa. It offers a more casual, welcoming area to share ideas or simply pass the time in.

2. As dining chairs

Don’t have enough space for a full-sized dining set? Set up a breakfast booth using contemporary sofas in Los Angeles instead! Choose a wall on one side of the kitchen or dining area —even better if it’s beside a window—and push a sofa up to one side. Complete it with a similarly sized dining table, and you’ve got a beautiful, space-saving breakfast nook!

3. As a guest bed

High-quality sectional sofas from modern furniture stores in LA are now more comfortable than ever. They’re so comfortable that they’ve become a popular alternative to traditional beds. Why not spruce up your guest bedroom with a double-duty sofa? Your visitor can use it as seating in the morning and as a warm bed at night. It’ll ensure that your guest will have a restful sleep during their stay.

4. As an outdoor seating

Can’t decide what kind of outdoor furniture will work well for your patio seating area? Forget about the usual bench selections and go with a contemporary sofa instead! This will add a touch of indoor coziness outdoors. Just make sure to choose furniture in Los Angeles that can stand up to the elements. A good way to do this is to opt for custom furniture you can personalize with an outdoor-appropriate material of your choice.

5. As a bedroom furniture

Does your master bedroom look a little bare? A sleek, elegant contemporary sofa can fill that space beautifully. Place it at the foot of the bed or against a long wall. Not only does it add more seating space, but it can also function as an extra bed if the need arises.

Get More Out of Beautiful, Modern Furniture!

Pieces from modern furniture stores in LA allow you to be creative when it comes to decorating your home. Their sophisticated designs go well with any aesthetic, enhancing the versatility of a contemporary sofa and other furniture. Visit your furniture store in Los Angeles today to get more ideas on how to arrange furniture in new ways!