6 Ways to Use Artificial Grass in Modesto for Different Parts of the House

6 Ways to Use Artificial Grass in Modesto for Different Parts of the House

November 15, 2019 0 By Origins java

Covering your lawn with artificial grass in Modesto is a decision few homeowners regret. After all, who wouldn’t want a picture-perfect yard that demands almost no effort and time? Better yet, upgrading your landscape is just one of the many applications of this versatile material. Bring out your inner interior designer and try these creative ways to green up your home using synthetic grass!

6 Interior Design Ideas Using Artificial Grass

Use top-notch artificial grass to spruce up different parts of your home without an expensive and complicated renovation! Steal these interior design ideas to infuse more flavor into your living spaces:

  1. Turn a kid’s room into an indoor playground

Synthetic turf is easy to clean and offers a safe cushion for trips and falls, making it ideal for children’s rooms. Simulate a park-like ambiance in the comfort of your home using artificial grass! Let kids connect with nature while playing in their very own playground, rain or shine.

  1. Liven up your living room

Bare floors are a thing of the past with artificial turf in Modesto. Turn your living room into a relaxing sanctuary by using artificial grass instead of carpet! Don’t worry about damaging the turf with heavy living room furniture. It can withstand the weight of your couch, coffee table, and décor without losing its looks or function.

  1. Complement a terrace

Make your terrace an extension of your gorgeous landscape with synthetic turf. It’s weatherproof, which means it won’t degrade under harsh weather conditions. Bring out your favorite outdoor chair and table, and you’ve got a cozy nook with an amazing view.

  1. Introduce a green accent wall

Breathe new life into your space with an accent wall made of synthetic grass. It adds visual texture and goes well with a lot of interior design themes. You can also combine shades, face weights, and add fixtures for a truly unique statement wall.

  1. Dine al fresco indoors

With artificial grass in Modesto, you can have a dining room that offers an al fresco feel without having the need to go outside. It adds a rustic charm to your meal times and allows guests to relax while enjoying each other’s company. Consider installing a chandelier, a few wall lamps, and turn down the lighting to recreate the feeling of dining under the stars!

  1. Perk up your home office

Transform your home office into a more inspiring workspace with the help of synthetic turf! Having a bit of nature in your office is proven to improve productivity, reduce stress, and enhance creative thinking. Use artificial grass as a carpet, accent wall, or even as upholstery for your office furniture.

The Sky’s the Limit when Designing with Artificial Grass

Explore more ways to use high-quality artificial grass with the help of your local artificial grass installers! Get expert advice on designing the best backyard putting greens in Modesto, and discover turf varieties for residential, commercial, and interior design applications. Do more with artificial grass today!