Amplify the Effects of Your Gym Workouts with an Infrared Sauna in Sherman Oaks

Amplify the Effects of Your Gym Workouts with an Infrared Sauna in Sherman Oaks

June 24, 2019 0 By Origins java

An infrared sauna in a Sherman Oaks gym is a great amenity for gym-goers. Using it after an intense workout session not only helps the body relax, but it also intensifies the effects of the exercise. Make it a part of your post-workout routine to experience its amazing benefits!

5 Reasons to Use an Infrared Sauna After an Intense Workout

Infrared saunas give off a carefully controlled amount of heat, usually around 140°F, using specialized lamps.  If you’re a first timer, it is recommended that you spend 20-30 minutes in the sauna after you start sweating. Soak in the heat to relax your muscles. Once you’ve built up your tolerance to the high temperature, extend your sauna sessions to 24-45 minutes.

Aside from relaxation, here are five more reasons you should spend time in an infrared sauna after strenuous gym activities:

  1. Improve physical endurance

According to a 2007 study by the Otago University in New Zealand, sauna use after exercise for three weeks or more helps increase physical endurance for longer workout sessions. The steam from the sauna raises blood volume, which boosts the body’s strength and stamina. This is why some athletes make it a point to train in a gym in Sherman Oaks with a sauna feature.

  1. Strengthen the heart

A study from Finland shows that sitting in a sauna helps the heart mimic the cardiovascular benefits of workouts. The high heat increases heart rate, replicating the blood-pumping conditions of intense exercise —all without straining the body. The improved blood circulation enhances the cardiovascular system, strengthens heart cells, and lowers the risk of developing heart diseases.

  1. Improve breathing

Same with the heart, the lungs also benefit from the way sauna sessions replicate the conditions of cardiovascular exercises. The dry heat pushes them to increase oxygen intake, which will improve your breathing capacity over time. The high temperature coupled with the increased lung use helps loosen toxins and mucus in your respiratory system. These will help you catch your breath and recover faster from intense exercise sessions.

  1. Burn calories

Saunas also burn calories. According to a medical researcher, a single sauna session will have you sweating off as much as 500 grams of sweat, which is equivalent to 300 calories.

The deep sweating that infrared sauna induces also helps with removing metabolic waste. It allows the body to expel unwanted toxins and minerals that have built up over time such as nickel, mercury, copper, zinc, and lead.

  1. Soothe muscle pain and discomfort

Intense exercise often leads to overexertion, muscle pain, and general discomfort. Sitting in an infrared sauna after a workout session reduces these problems. It improves your blood flow, helping your muscles relax and recover from the strenuous activity.

Sweat it Out After Working up a Sweat!

Gyms in Van Nuys provide some of the most challenging exercise routines for gym-goers. Take advantage of them without worrying about post-workout body aches and strains. Use an infrared sauna after intense gym sessions!