Atlanta Putting Green: A Green Choice for Golf Enthusiasts

Atlanta Putting Green: A Green Choice for Golf Enthusiasts

January 29, 2020 0 By Origins java

Many golf enthusiasts interested in having a backyard course often worry about the environmental impact of the upgrade. Golf courses require massive amounts of water and chemical solutions, not to mention the emissions produced by maintenance tasks, such as mowing. All of these can harm the environment. For a more eco-friendly option, go synthetic with an Atlanta putting green.

Why Synthetic Putting Greens Are Good for the Environment

Environmentally conscious homeowners strive hard to lessen their negative impact on their surroundings. This can be hard to achieve for those who enjoy golf. Countless studies have revealed the harmful effects of golf courses on outdoor spaces.

However, don’t give up your hopes of having a private putting green just yet. Using synthetic grass offers a greener alternative to natural golf lawns in several ways:

  1. Lowers water consumption significantly

The average golf course uses more than 300,000 gallons of water every single day. This is a wasteful way to use a critical resource, especially with so much of the country experiencing drought.

If you use artificial turf in Atlanta for your putting green, you dramatically cut down the amount of water you use for your lawn. In fact, the only time your synthetic green will consume water is if you need to rinse out some dirty spots.

  1. Reduces the chemicals absorbed by your yard

Golf courses require high amounts of chemicals to stay healthy and green, including fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides, and more. These produce chemical run-off, which can pollute the soil and water sources surrounding the area. While backyard putting greens are a lot smaller in size, the same risks apply.

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so you don’t need to apply fertilizers to keep it alive. It’s also inhabitable to pests, which eliminates the need for toxic pesticides. Thanks to its effective weed barrier between the turf and the soil, you’ll never need to apply weed killers to your yard. These toxin-free benefits make synthetic putting greens better for the environment.

  1. Eliminates the need to raze a huge area for the game

Some homeowners think that they have to clear out land just to have their own putting green. This may involve taking away valuable land that can be used for more eco-friendly purposes, such as shelter for wildlife and a sanctuary for plants.

Fortunately, expert installers can design an Atlanta putting green on any existing lawn. You don’t need acres of land just to have a private green. Synthetic turf can be cut to fit areas of any shape and size, allowing you to maximize what you already have on your property.

Sharpen Your Game with a Backyard Putting Green in Atlanta

A synthetic putting green offers you a way to enjoy your favorite game while caring for the environment. Aside from offering these eco-friendly advantages, artificial greens offer even more amazing benefits:

  • Allows you to play anytime, as long as you want
  • Needs minimal maintenance
  • Beautifies your landscape
  • Great for bonding with family and friends
  • Completely customizable to fit your game
  • Can last over 15 years with proper care

Call your local installers today to learn more about using artificial grass in Atlanta, GA for putting greens, landscaping, pet runs, and other applications!