Best Blockchain News Sites to Follow in 2020

Best Blockchain News Sites to Follow in 2020

January 10, 2020 0 By Origins java


Industries utilising blockchain and cryptocurrency have continued to increase in recent years. Technology updates and innovations roll out all the time that it’s getting hard to keep up with them. That doesn’t mean you can’t stay updated on what’s happening in the fields of blockchain and crypto, however. Just follow reliable blockchain news sites to stay informed.

Top Blockchain Technology News Websites

The key to maximising blockchain technology in 2020 lies in staying on top of industry trends and developments. Start by visiting these cryptocurrency news websites regularly.

  • CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the leading sites when it comes to digital asset news. Its main goal is to keep the global blockchain investment community informed, educated, and connected. Through its online platforms and journalists, the site delivers the latest trends in the crypto industry.

CoinDesk is also credited for creating the original Bitcoin Price Index, a catalogue that presents the most accurate Bitcoin price and coin comparisons in the market.

  • CoinTelegraph

Since its launch in 2013, CoinTelegraph has become a leading news platform for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency assets, and fintech trends. Its editorial team is highly dedicated to circulating high-quality content for their audiences.

CoinTelegraph is also one of the cryptocurrency websites that provides content in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Japanese. Expect unbiased news, comprehensive price charts, in-depth studies, interesting insights, and regular reports about the impact of digital assets when you visit this platform.

  • NewsBTC

NewsBTC believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology will play a significant role in the future. Thus, it aims to meet the needs of people who are looking for reliable information that will help them understand and become a part of the cryptocurrency revolution.

NewsBTC is home to some of the best and most ethical experts in the cryptocurrency industry on their team. Operating as a premier news and resource platform, the site has brought quality blockchain news, technical analysis, and insightful opinions to the cryptocurrency community.

  • CryptoSlate

Founded in 2017, CryptoSlate is relatively younger compared to the other cryptocurrency sites on this list. Nonetheless, it has proven to be as trustworthy and as authoritative as its more established counterparts. Follow CryptoSlate for high-quality information and updates about the digital asset industry.

Aside from delivering localised blockchain- and crypto-related news across multiple continents, CryptoSlate also provides real-time prices. It presents comprehensive data for more than 2,000 coins, a directory of 179 fintech companies, and a 500-strong list of blockchain events, among others.

  • Bitcoin Magazine

For accurate, timely, and relevant bitcoin and blockchain technology, Bitcoin Magazine is the site to visit. As the oldest and most established online source of news and information on Bitcoin, this platform has provided analysis, education, and research.

 With Bitcoin Magazine, it doesn’t matter if you’re uninitiated when it comes to cryptocurrency trends or a savvy developer from one of the top blockchain companies. If you want to stay in-the-know regarding the crypto industry, then you need to subscribe to Bitcoin Magazine.

Follow Only the Most Reliable Blockchain News Sites

If you want quality news and timely updates regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency, then these platforms should be a part of your daily go-to websites. Explore their contents now!