Boost Branch Office Network Security with Cisco 3925 K9 Routers

Boost Branch Office Network Security with Cisco 3925 K9 Routers

November 4, 2019 0 By Origins java

Protecting networks from malware, ransomware, breaches, and other cybersecurity risks is a never-ending battle. As technologies advance, threats are never far behind.  Branch owners must update their systems regularly with security-boosting upgrades and equipment if they want to keep it safe amidst the fast-evolving threat landscape. Investing in Cisco 3925 K9 routers is an excellent first step.

The Evolving Threat Landscape

There has never been a shortage of zero-day vulnerabilities, innovative attacks, and big data breaches. Most of them can be traced back to weak network security functions and poor online practices. It has come to the point that most branch office networks nowadays are ill-equipped to prevent common security issues.

For instance, not all branch offices have stringent password management and usage protocols. They also lack the programs and equipment essential to password theft prevention.

Meanwhile, email spams are at an all-time high. If managed poorly, they can clog up connections, slow down operations, and put networks at risk of various downtime-inducing risks. Phishing emails further augment the problem.

Compromised cloud storage is another alarming concern. Since they contain data that is crucial to an office’s operations, they are the frequent target of breaches and viruses.

Take note: these are only the most common security gaps that plague branch office networks. Some issues are system-specific, depending on the programs running the network. The model of the system’s Cisco routers and switches also have an impact on its security and overall performance.

How Cisco 3925 ISRs Diminishes Security Struggles

The Cisco 3925 ISR is a part of the Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). It enables networks to enhance operational efficiency, speed up issue resolutions, and diminish downtime risks. Here is how it can address and prevent security concerns:

  • Exceptional Agility – Implement multilayered security functions without the need for several susceptible platforms. The Cisco 3925 ISR enables fast and efficient deployment on a single, secure platform.


  • Consistent Performance – Let your network boast the protection level of a security stack without compromising its quality and performance by investing in best-in-class Cisco 3925 ISRs.


  • Trustworthy Technology – Give branch office networks a solid foundation that’s embedded across several platforms. Rely on the Cisco 3925 K9 ISR’s technologies, which build on more than 25 years of industry-leading innovations.


  • Up-to-Date Cybersecurity Measures – Never worry about equipment compliance concerns with the Cisco 3925 ISR. Each router comes with secure construction that contributes to a network’s cybersecurity and data privacy requirements.


  • Enhanced Adaptability – Update and add upgrades to your network without altering its foundation drastically and exposing it to various security risks. The Cisco 3925 is designed to accommodate evolving technologies with ease.

Together, these security advantages offer maximum protection to branch office networks against the ever-evolving threat landscape. Not only do they fortify security functions, but they also enhance network performance to enable the prompt identification and resolution of potential issues.

Cisco 3925 ISRs: Unique Specifications

The Cisco 3925 routers are well-equipped to provide secure routing for medium to large branch office networks. Here are the features that set it apart from the rest of its line:

  • 3 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 1 Internal Service Module Slot
  • 2 Additional Service Module Slots
  • 4 PVDM3 DSP Slots for Voice Services
  • A Combination of Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Cards

Want a router that offers faster service performance with most of these specifications? Invest in the 3925E ISRs, which is three times more efficient than 3925 ISRs. It has no ISM and one less DSP slot, but you will still get one extra gigabit ethernet port and two service module slots.

Invest in Best-in-Class Routers for Optimum Security

Protect your branch office networks from fast-evolving malware, insidious issues, and malicious attacks. Upgrade its security functions with Cisco 3925 ISRs. Buy routers, switches, and other equipment only from a trusted local supplier to guarantee their quality and performance.