Customize Your Own Version of the Best Putting Green in Tracy

Customize Your Own Version of the Best Putting Green in Tracy

June 6, 2019 0 By Origins java

Whether you’re a leisure golfer or a serious player, you may have been dreaming of having the best putting green in Tracy right in your own backyard. Artificial grass can turn that dream into a reality, complemented by its amazing versatility, durability, and effortless maintenance. Best of all, synthetic turf putting greens can be customized to fit every type of golfer so you can play the game exactly as you like it.

Consider Your Play Style

Understanding what type of golfer you are will help you visualize your ideal putting green design. Are you a casual weekend player, or do you want to aim for the pros? Is your putting green more of a private one, or would you like to share it with friends and family as a social space? Once you have a better idea of what you want from your putting green, it’s time to explore possible design elements.

Customize Your Backyard Putting Green

Once you understand your play style, you can begin bringing your green to life:

Choose Your Putting Green

The function you want from your putting green will dictate the type of turf you need. Two main types of putting greens are:

• Low Infill Putting Green

• More often used for recreation
• Lower density
• Slower roll

• Professional Putting Green

• Can be rolled to quicken or slow down the putting surface
• Contains more infill for greater density

Both putting green grades are beautiful and encompass fringe, undulations, slopes, and curves on the green. If you’re unsure about which type you want for your course, feel free to seek suggestions from your local artificial grass installer.

Putting Green Elements

Once you’ve decided what type of putting green grass will work for your game, you can start choosing design elements to keep it challenging and fun. Below are some features you can have when you cover your putting green with high-quality artificial grass in Tracy:

• Angles
• Breaks
• Chipping areas
• Tee boxes
• Fringes
• Sand traps
• Slope
• Speed
• Curves

Should you ever want to increase the difficulty level of your backyard golfing green, it’s also a breeze to modify high-quality artificial grass in Tracy to adjust to your preferences.

Go Over Ground Levels

Another major design element for backyard putting greens are ground levels. For instance, do you want a terrain that mimics the hills and rolls of real golf courses? Would you like a sleek, flat version instead? Perhaps you want both, which is also possible provide the size of your yard is appropriate for it.

Keep in Mind Your Landscape

Finally, remember that your putting green is not just your gaming paradise – it is also part of the aesthetics of your outdoor landscape. Artificial grass comes in various shades, heights, and designs to accommodate the visual theme of your home, so take that into consideration as you talk to your local installer.

Turn Your Putting Green Dream to Reality

Excited to have your own golf course right outside your door? Contact your local installer of putting greens and low maintenance synthetic grass for pets in Tracy and discuss your project today!