Dos and Don’ts to Remember when Dealing with Artificial Grass in St. Louis

Dos and Don’ts to Remember when Dealing with Artificial Grass in St. Louis

April 29, 2019 0 By Origins java

As beautiful as natural green landscapes are, they also have limitations.  Besides that, they involve massive costs for maintenance. A landscaping alternative that is quickly gaining traction is the installation of artificial grass in St. Louis. With this type of grass, maintenance issues like mowing, mulching, and pest control are eliminated. Artificial turf is also cost-effective, durable, drainage-ready, and friendly to both humans and animals.

Do remember, however, that there are certain things to do and not do when it comes to artificial grass. These things will be described in detail in this post.

The Do’s

Here are the dos when dealing with synthetic grass surfaces:

  • Do use turf paint for outlining specific areas to play on an artificial grass sports field. Specially formulated paint is non-toxic and is especially adaptable to synthetic grass blades.
  • Do run, play, or dive in the grass but not overdo it. While artificial grass is damage resistant, splashing around in it constantly can hasten its wear-and-tear and can cause injury on your body.
  • Do wear your usual clothes. Artificial turf won’t cause grass or soil stains, even if you slide or land on the surface. Its soft texture will also ensure that you do not have markings on your clothes afterward.

You can practically do anything that’s possible in natural grass without causing damage to the turf. So it is very important that you choose a variety that has an established name,  is constructed of the best available materials, and is resistant to high foot traffic.

The Don’ts

On the other hand, there are also “don’ts” for artificial turf in St. Louis that you have to follow. These are the following:

  • Don’t wear or carry sharp objects. Such objects include metal cleats or different kinds of jewelry. You risk scraping a bit of the grass blades doing so.
  • Don’t place sharp objects on the turf. If you plan on setting up a croquet area, place weighted ends on the croquet gates instead. In that way, they stay on top of the turf instead of getting into the soil.
  • Don’t let anything fall on the hot surface. This could cause harm to the turf. Ensure that grilling equipment is kept away from artificial games and recreation areas.

Even if artificial turf is strong and durable, it can still sustain damage. This is why you should not forget periodic maintenance of turf. Upon installation, your designers usually give you a guide on how to take care of the turf, so make sure to talk to them regarding that guide.

Your Best Option for St. Louis Landscaping

When it comes to an open space, you can get natural landscaping and prepare yourself for high, ballooning upkeep costs. Or, you can install St. Louis artificial turf and have the same aesthetic flair as natural grass, yet not spend much on maintenance. If a cost-efficient synthetic landscape is your choice, talk to your local installers and choose the one that’ll give you the best balance between price and quality.