Drive in the Lap of Luxury with the NEW 2019 Lincoln Nautilus from Lincoln Dealerships in Baton Rouge, LA

Drive in the Lap of Luxury with the NEW 2019 Lincoln Nautilus from Lincoln Dealerships in Baton Rouge, LA

October 12, 2018 0 By Origins java

Straight off of the assembly line is the NEW 2019 Lincoln Nautilus from Lincoln dealerships in Baton Rouge, LA. Formerly known as the MKX, Lincoln has renamed their midsize luxury SUV to reflect a bold new direction, while keeping its tradition of opulence. And just like it has done in the past, it does not disappoint.


The first such nuance you see is the change of grille at the front. The trademark split design has been replaced with a rectangular grille, together with Lincoln’s star emblem.

Everything else is the trademark look from the Lincoln SUV line. From the finely sculpted cabin down to the 21 diameter wheels, the NEW 2019 Nautilus exudes Lincoln’s glamor at its finest.

Interior Design

From the inside, the NEW 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is a spacious wonder. The interiors are equipped with Ultra Comfort Seats that carry with them 22-way adjustability.  These seats are covered with lush and detailed leather trim, evoking the classy tradition of the Lincoln brand.

The front seats in particular are perfectly heated and ventilated, and are compatible with all body types, both large and small.  In addition, they have a massaging option to keep you relaxed while on the journey.

While the NEW 2019 Nautilus’ cabin is spacious enough, you can create illusion of space by activating the sunroof and letting in a fab amount of sunlight. Overall, this vehicle presents a strong case for being the best interiors for not just SUVs, but also luxury SUVs as well.

Tech Specs

You will also marvel at the many technological advances of the NEW 2019 Nautilus. Its innovative push button transmission, once you get the hang of it, is a genuine thrill. Gone are the times you would move a stick shift every so often.

Also ground-breaking is the inductive charging feature, making for wireless phone charging. Just put your phone above it, and it starts to power up.  One of the most amazing features is the center front console media bin, which also serves as an inductive charger for compatible phones.

Customers will also be blown away by the Revel sound system, composed of 13 or 18 speakers, depending on the trim. It’s the perfect system for the classic rock playlist you’ve put together on your Spotify.


What keeps the NEW 2019 Lincoln Nautilus running is 2.7 liter-twin turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, complete with 335 hp and 380 lb-ft torque. The engine’s power ensures that there will be better fuel mileage, as well as a capability for 8 speed automatic transmission.

The NEW 2019 Nautilus engine is automatically set up for front wheel drive; however, you have the option to configure to all wheel drive. The vehicle automatically detects for you when to employ the AWD feature, saving you a huge part of the thinking process.

Safety Features

In the NEW 2O19 Nautilus, Lincoln’s improved effort to emphasize safety is seen.  Most impressive is the vehicle’s lane centering function, enabling you to see lines in the road while in motion. The SUV also employs adaptive traffic cruise control, for you to see if vehicle behind you or in front of you is moving.

You’re sure to have one hell of a ride with the NEW 2019 Lincoln Nautilus. It hits all the right points, especially when it comes to the sleek leather interiors, the completely loaded dashboard, the automatic transmission, and the fuel efficiency.  Come swing by the Lincoln dealerships in Baton Rouge, LA, and take it out for a test drive!