Get that Perfect Shot with These Tips from Your Local Northern Virginia Photographer

Get that Perfect Shot with These Tips from Your Local Northern Virginia Photographer

March 5, 2019 0 By Origins java


Capturing the perfect photo is always a great moment to savor. However, there are also important things you need to consider. Your local Northern Virginia photographer provides tips on how to take the perfect photo and help you achieve that picture-perfect moment!

4 Tips on Getting the Perfect Photo

Besides important factors such as angles, lighting, and positioning, each measure on taking the perfect photo counts. This is especially great and evident if you hire a Northern Virginia wedding photographer for your big day. No wonder all their photos come out looking as marvelous as ever—and with these four tips, you can achieve that yourself as well!

  1. Follow the RULE OF THIRDS 

This essentially means that your viewpoint is divided into a grid of nine squares, each meant to focus on a specific item on the backdrop of your photo.

Use of the grid to make sure that the entire subject of your photo occupies at least one square of the grid. Not only will this ensure a more balanced photo, this makes sure that your photo comes out stable and well-positioned as well.

  1. Frame Your Subject

Of course, before you even think about taking a perfect photo, always make sure that your subject is well-focused for your frame! Framing your subject allows you to get a more concrete position before snapping your photo, while at the same time allowing you more time to experiment with different angles if the chance presents itself.

Many Leesburg, VA wedding photographers use this tip and snap their photos with perfection. In fact, it works even great when you use the environment to your advantage, which helps give you more room to frame should the need arise.

  1. Don’t Rely on Zooming in

Sometimes, to get a great photo, you have to move in close to get it—and not just zooming in. Sure, the zoom function on your camera can work wonders, but the more you zoom in, the more pixelated and grainy your photo comes out.

Make sure to physically move in close to your subject to capture the photo you want. Not only will this help you get a great photo, you can also manually adjust other aspects of the photo such as headroom, focus, and even lighting.

  1. Trust Manual Focus

Above all, focus is important when taking a photo. Since your camera comes in two focus settings: manual and automatic, rely on the former. Not only will this help you ensure that your subject stays in focus, this will also help make sure that your focus does not shift to the background.

Trust Your Friendly Northern Virginia Photographer!

Thanks to every photographer around the Northern Virginia area, capturing the perfect photo has been made more possible than ever! With these photography tips in store for you, all that’s left is to go out there and snap some memories!