Helpful Pointers On Goose Dog Training for the Unpredictable Border Collie

Helpful Pointers On Goose Dog Training for the Unpredictable Border Collie

January 21, 2019 0 By Origins java

Border Collies have been around for several centuries. They became more popular because of Canada goose dog training companies.

The dog breed, getting its name for being bred along the border of England and Scotland, has sparked renewed interest because of its ability to herd away geese. Since many geese fly south of the Canadian border and cause havoc on green areas with their feces, Border Collies are tasked to herd them away in a humane and non-harmful manner.

If you want to buy a Border Collie, know that there is more to it than a pet that chases away goose. Being the most intelligent breed, Border Collies are well aware of their surroundings. However, training them is not as easy as expected. This is because together with desirable traits, Border Collies also pick up undesirable ones.

How to Smartly Train a Border Collie

As a pet owner, it is your duty to sort out your Border Collie and make it a highly effective pet. It requires much effort on your part, but in the end it’s worth it. Here are the things you need to know for your goose dog training:

  • Guide Their Energy
    The Border Collie is alert and quick on its feet. It is an inborn trait; after all, it was bred to herd sheep. It is also a trait that has served geese control companies well, carrying it over to herding geese. But its energy is so high that it always needs something to do. Your average walks around the neighborhood won’t be enough to calm it down.The solution is to find an alternative exercise to drain the Border Collie’s energy. Apart from doing several walks around your neighborhood, have them walk around in your central park. Find ways to counteract its hyperactivity. When you notice that it’s settled in and calmer than before, you can now train the Border Collie to follow your commands.
  • Be Firm in Instructing Them
    Border Collies tend to be sensitive to every sound and gesture. They will be doing something already before you even utter a command. The trick here is to be firm. When you give a command and the Border Collie obeys you, don’t reward it with praise or a treat such as dog food. If you do, they will always start anticipating commands.Instead, ignore their reaction and try again after a minute. Keep doing this until the dog allows you to say the command before doing the intended action. When both of you get it right, you can now reward them.
  • Teach Them Manners from the Get-Go
    A Border Collie’s hyperactive breeding makes it a confrontational pet, which works when herding away geese or keeping sheep in check. But when untrained, it can be a nuisance among other animals and people. Other individuals will mistake this for the dog being rabid.So while a Border Collie is young, instill in it proper social behavior. If you have a family or other pets, start training your Border Collie around them first — it is better that the pets have missteps around individuals close to you. Once they have been properly trained, slowly train them around other individuals as well.

    Continually read dog training manuals, or seek professional training assistance in case you encounter a major problem with the dog. This will help address problems with them early on, and help in developing them into the pet you’ve always wanted.

Patience and Precision are Key

Taking care of a Border Collie is a hard process. The trick is for you to always persevere and genuinely care for your pet. Once your pet gets sufficient training, it is ready to take on Border Collie goose control and other acts that could make life easier for you. With knowledge, patience, and appropriate training, owning a Border Collie will be so much more worth it for you!