How much does a sauna cost?

January 14, 2019 0 By Origins java

Thinking about costs could sometimes make us sweat, but sauna enthusiasts get thrown into the oxymoron of asking how much does it cost to sweat. So really, how much does a sauna cost?

Experiencing sauna and its corresponding costs vary, and people who are interested in knowing more can ask around on the following:

  • Cost of visiting sauna spas
  • Cost of home saunas
  • Cost of portable saunas
  • Cost of sauna accessories

Cost of Visiting Spas

Starters of wellness hobbies have the option to try their hands on different spas if they are not yet ready to commit to anything particular like sauna. Visiting spas can also be a good start for those who still can’t get their own sauna because of meager space at home.

The cost of admission to sauna spas, at least in the United States, can range from $25 to $90 a day. These spas offer a variety of sauna rooms sporting different sizes and styles.

While spa visitors may enjoy short-term prices, they should also be aware of the etiquettes that they need to observe. Keeping the robe on, observing discretion toward other guests, and restriction of bringing food, are just some of the typical rules.

outdoor infrared sauna

Cost of Home Saunas

Those who want to enjoy the pleasure of private sauna instead of putting strangers in the equation of regular relaxation can invest in home saunas. Interested folks can choose depending on size. Prices of two to six person saunas offered through Amazon range from $1,300 to $6,000. Some of these products are also ideal for outdoor infrared sauna use.

When getting a home sauna, make sure to maintain it well to maximize the hefty investment. Some maintenance tips would be:

  • Keeping the sauna dry after use
  • Scrubbing the wood at least once every week
  • Investing in sauna cover if the sauna is placed outdoors

When good maintenance is observed, it is less likely that you will need repairs or new sauna soonest. It also means that the use of sauna will be highly maximized.

Cost of Portable Saunas

People who are always on the go, like those who travel a lot for leisure or business purposes, can opt to buy portable saunas with price ranging from $100 to $350. Portable saunas are designed to be conveniently packed for travelers; hence, its smaller size makes storage less of a burden to its owners.

Other ideal owners of this type of sauna are those who do not have expansive home. These owners can either dedicate a sauna spot indoors where the sauna can be assembled. Another option could be setting it up in the garden or backyard to serve as an outdoor sauna.

Cost of Sauna Accessories

Getting answers to how much does a sauna cost is great, but there are other items that can also be bought to supplement the sauna experience, like some sauna accessories. Examples of accessories with their price ranges are below:

  • Back rest – $50 to $60
  • Sauna light – $30 to $60
  • Neck rest – $25 to $60
  • Lumbar support – $90 to $200