Let’s Talk About Space: Maximizing Modern Coffee Table Sets

Let’s Talk About Space: Maximizing Modern Coffee Table Sets

November 8, 2018 0 By Origins java


Modern coffee table sets are easy to take for granted. They’re there when you need to rest your drink, put your feet up, and contribute to the aesthetic of the room. Otherwise larger pieces of living room furniture like the sofa usually take center stage.
But did you know that how you position your coffee table set has a profound impact on the overall living room experience? Harness the potential of this humble piece through the steps below.

      GET THE NUMBERS RIGHTTake careful measurements. This means measuring not only the spot where the coffee table set will go, but doing it for the rest of the room and the rest of the furniture as well. This will save you from moving heavy items around and risking damage to both the furniture and the space, not to mention the hassle.

      Keep these numbers in mind:

            •  If you need to walk around furniture, leave around 30 inches of space between objects.
            • Sofas, chairs, and the coffee table should never be more than 8 feet apart to facilitate conversations.
            • A good rule of thumb is to leave 18 inches of space between your coffee table and sofa so guests can set down their beverages easily.


      Visualize how people will navigate the living room. Does your contemporary sofa set leave a clear path toward the dining room and other connected areas? Can visitors walk from one place to the next without tripping over furniture or bumping into the edge of the coffee table? Enlist a couple of family members to move around so you can test the layout.


      Make it effortless for family and friends to socialize with each other. A living room might look fabulous, but if it doesn’t encourage people to bond and enjoy themselves, then it’s not doing its job.

      Design a social atmosphere by making sure that the chairs and sofa face each other to some degree. For a classic arrangement, make your coffee table the focal point of the whole set up.


      Avoid pushing your coffee table set against the wall. This is a rookie mistake, especially in a big living room full of intimidating space.

      Not only that, but it forces your guests to squeeze in between furniture and trigger awkward interactions. Instead, a modern contemporary sofa should be positioned a couple of feet away from the wall at the very least.

      Still too much space for your taste? Bring in a lamp table, some sculptural art, and some extra accent chairs or low ottomans to complement your coffee table set.


      Every seat should have access to light. Your coffee table set is not just for display; it’s a practical component of your living room. People will be doing all kinds of activities in this area, such as reading books or drinking coffee.

      Therefore, find a way so that every seat is near the table and has access to light. It doesn’t have to be just one source of light (such as overhead lighting) either. You can combine light sources such as lamps, can lights, and sconces to create a beautiful and functional space within your coffee table set.

      The modern coffee table set is truly a dark horse in the world of design – not flashy, but full of potential. Make the most out of your own coffee table set by making it the star of the living room show.