Living Room Furniture Ideas for Minimalist Lifestyles

Living Room Furniture Ideas for Minimalist Lifestyles

May 29, 2018 0 By Origins java

Minimalism is a visual trend relating to late modern art. These days, it has taken on a deeper, wider meaning beyond the use of color and basic forms. In the context of urban and suburban living, it has become a movement toward living with less clutter and focusing more on what’s essential and purposeful.


If you’re looking to simplify your lifestyle and take a deep breath from concrete jungles and perennially jammed highways, bring this idea within the walls of your living room by translating it into interior design and furniture choice.


Tip 1: It doesn’t always have to be white or pastel

When choosing colors, ask this question: What would be the purpose of this color? Living room colors tend to suggest relaxation, joyful living, and for some people, a way to depict luxury.

Colors are, in general, toned down if you’re going minimal. Contrast accounts for a world of difference. Furniture, such as black sofas, dark beige futons, and deep red chairs pair well with crème or egg shell colored walls and draperies.


Tip 2: Less furniture, more function

Look for furniture that serves multiple purposes. A book shelf might double as a divider and become storage for more than just books. Ask yourself: How many tables would I really need in my living room?


Strategically plan your design by selecting multi-functional pieces. This saves space and leaves extra cash in your pocket for other design essentials.


Tip 3: Be smart about space

In the last tip we have recommended to save space. The best way to do that is to be smart about it. For example, anticipate the number of people who will be utilizing your living room space and plan accordingly. Be careful not to include oversized chairs and sofas. If you can also utilize wall space in order to save some floor area, by all means do so!


Tip 4: Add character

A bright, multi-colored wall clock, a vintage poster with a striking image, and an exotic vase sitting on a wooden table are some design pieces that add character to a minimalist theme.

We tend to focus on the “less” part of a minimal design. Pay attention to how much you can express yourself by choosing a furniture piece that means a lot to you. Amidst a minimal setup, your selected piece would be put on a spotlight.


Tip 5: Follow your gut

Minimalism in home lifestyle is all about comfort and stripping down at a minimum in order to achieve that comfort. Follow your instincts and see what is personally relaxing to you.

Guides and rules exist as a reference point only to what you can accomplish. Learn the principles and take it from there!