Caring for Los Angeles End-of-Life Care Patients: 7 Soothing Words for Your Loved Ones

Caring for Los Angeles End-of-Life Care Patients: 7 Soothing Words for Your Loved Ones

October 17, 2019 0 By Origins java

Finding out that your loved one or a friend has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or is nearing death, is never an easy thing. It is a heavy burden, and coping with it is no easy task. Patients in Los Angeles end-of-life care require more than just health care. They need, if not more, spiritual and emotional support.


7 Soothing Words for Your Loved One


People experience a range of emotions when faced with the prospect of death or losing someone. Fear, regret, anger, guilt, confusion all experienced and felt. Handling this emotional roller coaster is a balancing act as both patient and carer need to traverse this journey together.
But how do people begin to accept the beginning of the end? Talking helps a lot, and sometimes, it is the only thing that we can do for our loved ones. In that respect, every word should matter. Every thought carefully crafted with the welfare of the patient always the priority.
For those who are still unsure of how, here are a few words that can convey your thoughts and sympathies for patients in Los Angeles end-of-life care:


  1. “I’m here.” 

Presence is one of the most precious gifts we can give our loved ones during their final days. Knowing that you are there with them can bring comfort and enough strength to find the will to go on. It is difficult to say that nothing will change in your relationship as end-of-life care can put a strain on everything. Just always remember the strengths of your relationship and hold on to those and build on them.

  1. “I’m listening.” 

Let your loved one know that you are willing to listen. That may not feel like doing enough, but for the patient, your willingness to listen sends a strong message to them. At times your loved one might be too weak to talk. At other times, he or she might be unintelligible and would not make sense. Bear with them. These ramblings can be a roundabout message from them, expressions of gratitude, of confusion, fear, or regret. Sit with them, hold their hands, make sure that they know you can hear them.

  1. “Forgive me.” 

All relationships undergo ups and downs. If your relationship with the patient has been a strained one, be the first to say something. “Forgive me.” “I’m sorry.” These may only seem too trivial and superficial now, and may not even elicit a response from them, but rest assured it will do you both good.

  1. “I forgive you.” 

Likewise, free yourself and your loved ones from any pent-up hard feelings. Most are surprised that after they ask forgiveness, their forgiveness is asked in return. Utter a simple “I forgive you.” More than forgiving them, it is you freeing yourself from the burden of that pain and hurt.

  1. “Thank you.” 

Do not wait too long to show your appreciation of the person. Not even the best hospice in Los Angeles can give you extra time to show your thanks. Tell them that they mattered in your life.

  1. “I love you.” 

No words in this list should be uttered more often than these three words. Say them often and say them sincerely. Love is the foundation of a relationship; remind them always of that fact.

  1. “Goodbye.” 

Acknowledge the fact that time is winding down on the both of you, as such, each goodbye becomes more and more precious. Value each one. Say everything you want. Do not wait until the last moment before saying goodbye.


No Amount of Words Will Be Enough

At the end of it all, we know that words will not be enough. As your loved one spend their days in hospice care in Los Angeles, may these words approximate the comfort, joy, and longing you want to impart. In doing so, bring both of you the peace you rightfully deserve.