Non-Traditional Uses for Synthetic Grass in Kansas City

Non-Traditional Uses for Synthetic Grass in Kansas City

August 15, 2019 0 By Origins java

We all know how synthetic grass in Kansas City makes every landscape thrive. But did you know that artificial grass can be used in various other ways aside from ground coverings? You may be used to seeing it on your pet run, outdoor lawn, or indoor golf course — but synthetic turf offers real versatility that natural grass can only hope to match.

8 Creative Uses of Synthetic Grass

As artificial grass continues to grow in popularity in Kansas City and the rest of California, its applications are becoming more and more flexible as well. Its visual appeal, cost-effectiveness, and wide applications make it a hit in the landscaping and home improvement arena. Take note of these creative uses of Kansas City, MO artificial grass for your next home decoration project!

  1. Furniture
    Yes, you read it right. Break free from your typical furniture designs! Spruce up your space with synthetic grass-covered furniture, such as chairs and tables. Artificial grass is soft-to-the-touch, so it offers a comfortable seating and durable surface for your household furniture.
  2. Indoor Carpet
    A lot of property owners are switching to artificial grass for indoor carpet because it is easy-to-clean, odorless, and can withstand high foot traffic. The shock absorbency property of synthetic grass in Kansas City makes it the perfect flooring for houses with pets, children, and elderlies.
  3. Wall Surrounds
    Tired of brick or plain walls? Add some green to your space with synthetic grass wall surrounds! Using Kansas City, MO artificial grass as a wall covering will make your space look more inviting. Plus, it creates an illusion of a breathable space inside your four-walled abode.
  4. Indoor Accessories
    Use artificial grass in Kansas City as inimitable welcome mats or finishing touches to your indoor decoration. Going for an outdoorsy vibe inside the house? Tweak it up a bit by using artificial grass as indoor mats or flat surface for your succulents.
  5. Soap Dish
    The cool thing about artificial grass is it’s flexible enough to fit any space. Have scrap pieces from your lawn installation? Cut the remaining grass pieces into smaller ones and use them as a soap dish. Synthetic grass easily drains water into the bottom, making it the perfect bathroom decoration.
  6. Table Runner
    Create a stunning centerpiece on your dining table with a synthetic grass table runner. Its thick, anti-slip rubber backing feature allows for easy cleaning and low maintenance.
  7. Coasters
    Hosting events but afraid that your visitors might ruin your glass collection? Use synthetic grass as coasters to avoid slippage. Synthetic turf coasters are perfect for hosting birthday celebrations and BBQ parties.
  8. Outdoor Amenities Storage
    Do you have an enclosed space where you keep your trash bins? Bring life to these dull and unsightly outdoor amenities by covering them with artificial grass. Create a bush-like appearance to hide these amenities and keep the façade of your house natural-looking and aesthetically-appealing.

Synthetic Grass Applications are Limitless!

Artificial grass applications are not just limited to your typical garden installations. Let your creativity flow, and make the most out of your Kansas City, MO artificial grass purchase. We recommend consulting with expert grass installers to find out which turf design will suit your idea and project requirement best.

Call your local synthetic turf installer now to get your ideas flowing!