Osborne and Little Wallpaper vs. Paint: Tale of the Tape

Osborne and Little Wallpaper vs. Paint: Tale of the Tape

December 10, 2018 0 By Origins java

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to tonight’s Tale of the Tape! The matchup: Osborne and Little Wallpaper versus Good Old School Paint. We will look at this head-on fight through three rounds, namely:

  • Cost, both upfront and maintenance
  • Selection and variety
  • Durability

Now let’s get into it!


Upfront, it is easy to see why painting a wall can be cheaper than putting wallpaper on it. A can of paint tends to be cheaper than a roll of wallpaper, and you will use more rolls to cover a wall than cans. However, if price is the issue, there are lots of affordable options for both.

The continuously improving technology in creating wallpapers means there are lots more being developed using a wide range of materials. Depending on your budget, you can surely find an option that will fit your pocket.

But be warned! As with everything, you get what you paid for. Cheaper wallpapers are usually thinner and more prone to damage. Also, you can get them more cheaply if you’ll do the installation yourself. If you’re looking for affordable wallpapers that don’t sacrifice quality, the Ralph Lauren wallpaper line is a great place to start.

As with wallpapers, cheap paint is usually on the poor side with you needing to use more coats to cover a space. More coats means more paint, which to you translates to more expenses.

It is also helpful to note that while the cost of paint maybe lesser upfront, it needs to be retouched every now and then, thus incurring more expenses.


If this matchup can get close, it would be at this round! Both paint and wallpapers have an almost limitless selection!

Paints come in all colors, literally! However, they come only in two types of finishes: matte and glossy. But those paint supporters out there don’t need to worry. Application of some clever painting techniques can give a boring matte or glossy paint a whole new layer of creativity.

Wallpapers are the same—nearly limitless options to choose from. An added bonus to using wallpapers is that you get to choose from a host of other finishes, your imagination might just be the limit.


Durability depends on several factors including temperature, room traffic, and occupants. Temperature and moisture level can greatly affect both paints and wallpapers. How often rooms are used of course is a factor and who uses them and what they do in those rooms should not be forgotten.

Generally, a room will need a repainting every three to five years. If there is high traffic in the room, like in your living rooms, a repainting or occasional retouches can add to the burden of having a painted room. Repainting or touchups can also give a headache if the right color or combination of colors cannot be obtained.

On the other hand, it is generally accepted that properly applied wallpaper can last up to three times longer than paint; however, as with paint, durability depends on the factors mentioned above. Modern wallpapers are now made out of materials that can handle the torture pets and toddlers can dish out.

So what scores did you come up with? Which side won? You know, you could do a combination of both. It all comes down to how creative you can get.