Popular Color Schemes You Need to Incorporate in Your Bathroom Design in Los Angeles

Popular Color Schemes You Need to Incorporate in Your Bathroom Design in Los Angeles

June 26, 2019 0 By Origins java

Color enlivens space and adds variety to any bathroom design in Los Angeles. When used strategically, various color schemes can amplify the energy in your bathroom. Bright and bold shades bring energy and life to dull bathroom design, while white and nude colors create a sanctuary at home where you can simply unwind and relax after a day’s work.

Planning your bathroom renovation? Discover today’s most popular bathroom color schemes, and add a splash of life to your comfort station!

7 Popular Bathroom Design Color Schemes

Diverse color trends are back. Go bold and try out these most popular color combinations for your bathroom!

  1. Mint Green and White

Although basic, white is a classic color that adds elegance to any space. It goes well with any design and blends seamlessly with other colors and patterns. Mixed with mint green, these color combination gives off a refreshing atmosphere to the bathroom.

  1. Purple and White

Tired of nude colors? Try something new with this color scheme. Although not very popular, purple and white combination exudes serenity. Paint your walls white, and use purple to accentuate the mirror or the cabinets. You can also create a contrasting look with walls in different tones of purple or with the rest of them white.

  1. Blue and Teal

While both blue and teal are collectively known as ‘blue,’ teal is a different shade that can mix well with the standard variation. Use this color scheme to create an oceanic feeling in your bathroom. These colors best serve as accents in tiles, backsplash, or as acrylic wall systems for your Los Angeles bathroom.

  1. Black and Silver

Paint your walls black and add more pizzazz to your ceiling with silver. This color combination exudes elegance and style without going too loud or too dull.

  1. Red, Brown, and White

When combined, these colors will add a rustic feel to your bathroom. Red, brown, and white give a nod to the past while firmly planted in the present. This is the color scheme to go if you want to exude that country living vibe with modern updates on your bathroom.

  1. Blue, Brown, White, and Gold

Gone are the days when you can only stick to a color or two for your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. Go bolder with blue tiles, brown cabinets and mirror, white walls, and gold plumbing features! You can also mix and match these colors depending on your style preference, so be creative! After all, it’s your bathroom design.

  1. Black and Pink

Pink is another fun and peppy color to have painted on your bathroom walls, especially with black accents on your cabinet and mirror linings. Black provides emphasis to your accent color without giving off a dark vibe.

Make Your Bathroom Pop with Color!

Make your bathroom design in Los Angeles a reflection of your personality and style! Elevate your bathroom’s appeal and more pizzazz to your space with the right color scheme.