Prepare for an Office Relocation: Advice for Local and International Moving in New Jersey

Prepare for an Office Relocation: Advice for Local and International Moving in New Jersey

March 2, 2020 0 By Origins java

Office relocation is more than just transferring your office furniture and equipment from one place to another. You also need to make sure it’s a good experience for your staff and set a positive tone for your new office. Minimize costly errors by hiring experts on local and international moving in New Jersey.

Not only will professional movers take care of heavy manual labor, but they can also share valuable advice on how to conduct successful local and international relocation. Use these expert tips to prepare your team for the process!

Tips on Preparing Your Team for an Office Move

You can never be too prepared when it comes to an office move because there are a lot of moving parts involved. For instance, you’ll be transferring your office items, updating your clients, and coordinating the move with property managers, maintenance staff, and other relevant parties.  Make the project go more smoothly by following these pieces of advice:

  • Plan out every detail of the office move.

Leave no room for mistakes by creating a detailed timeline of the office move. It should include:

  • The projected dates for each phase of the move
  • The point person for every relocation task
  • The moving day responsibilities for each team
  • The various dates to remember, such as when the lease of the old office will expire

Unless you plan to halt your whole operation just for the relocation, be sure to integrate the move into your current business calendar. The more detailed your timeline is, the easier it is to check your progress and coordinate with your moving company in New Jersey.

  • Meet with your employees.

The office move may be useful for the business overall, but it can cause numerous potential problems for the staff.  Some common issues are sudden lack of accessible childcare facilities and a much longer commute. Failing to address these concerns can cause stress and bring down morale among your staff.

Communication is critical during an office move— share relocation plans for the company, invite discussion, and encourage them to share ideas. Consider dividing the staff into teams and assigning them certain moving tasks to boost engagement and camaraderie.

  • Create an inventory list.

Having a detailed inventory list reduces the risk of missing documents, damaged furniture, and misplaced equipment.  Use the following questions to make your inventory list:

✔ Which high-value documents should you prioritize?
✔ Which office items would you like to throw out?
✔ Which office equipment and furniture need to be in storage?
✔ Who is in charge of the inventory list?
✔ Which office items would you like Old Bridge, NJ movers to handle, and which ones are the responsibility of the staff?

  • Don’t forget the miscellaneous tasks.

Finally, office relocation also includes often-forgotten but no less important tasks. Make sure to accomplish the following:

✔ Hire security to protect your staff in valuables during relocation.
✔ Update the address and contact details on your company materials.
✔ Make enlarged copies of the new office layout.
✔ Notify relevant contacts and customers about your new location.

Team Up with a Professional Moving Company

Minimize the headache, hassle, and costs of an office relocation by hiring professionals for local and international moving in New Jersey. Take advantage of their experience, advanced equipment, and manpower to simplify the whole process for you and your team. If you’re in the process of an office move, contact your local movers today!