Preventing the Wrinkle Effect for Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Orlando

Preventing the Wrinkle Effect for Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Orlando

March 9, 2020 0 By Origins java

The last thing you want after synthetic putting green installation in Orlando is to have an unplayable green. In the hands of inexperienced installers, even the highest quality artificial greens can have issues like surface wrinkles that hinder gameplay. Leave the installation to the professionals for a problem-free backyard putting green you can enjoy for years to come!

4 Ways Professionals Prevent the Putting Green Wrinkle Effect

Too many residential putting greens fall victim to issues like the wrinkle effect, the ultimate enemy of putting greens. Not only will it affect the aesthetics of the lawn, but it also spoils the gameplay and introduces tripping hazards to the yard. One of the biggest causes is improper installation. Professional turf installers eliminate this common issue through the following steps:

  1. Laying the artificial grass entirely flat before the installation

Experienced installers know the importance of flattening out the turf to prevent premature matting on putting greens in Orlando. This step involves stretching out the sheets tightly and securing it to eliminate wrinkles. They may also cordon off the area during the process to minimize foot traffic.

  1. Selecting the right granular size for the infill

Choosing the right size, type, and placement of the infill for your putting green is one of the keys to a professional-level backyard playing course. Reputable installers will only use high-quality infill and stay away from subpar materials like coal slag, beach sand, and dirty silica.

  1. Preventing the effect of static electricity on the infill

Another consequence of using poor-quality infill for synthetic grass installation in Orlando is static. When the infill has substandard quality and size, installers tend to scrub the material aggressively to work it under the turf surface.

Usually done with fibrillating machines or a push broom, this scrubbing leads to static electricity. That static electricity makes the infill cling to the synthetic grass fibers, instead of staying on the base of the putting green, which eventually causes wrinkles due to the uneven distribution.

  1. Hosing down the top layer

As an extra precaution, experienced installers hose down the surface of putting greens after installation. This step helps the infill settle down and stay in place. It’s also an effective way to remove debris and bring out the vibrant green color of freshly-installed artificial putting greens.

Trust the Pros for Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Orlando

Aside from preventing the wrinkle effect, professional putting green installation offers the following advantages:

  • Endless customization options
  • Securely-fastened edges for better weather resistance
  • Expert advice on placement
  • Reduced risk of falls and trips
  • Design integration with the rest of the yard
  • Efficient and error-free service
  • Long-term warranty
  • Non-toxic artificial grass products
  • Non-allergenic turf products
  • Complete equipment and tools
  • Post-installation clean-up

The only way to get all those benefits is to go with professional synthetic putting green installation in Orlando. Keep in mind that turf is a significant investment— you want only the best when it comes backyard putting green products, accessories, and installation. Call your local installers today to know more about what makes an exceptional residential putting green!