Quality Sleep for Good Health: How Custom Made Beds are What You Need

Quality Sleep for Good Health: How Custom Made Beds are What You Need

May 31, 2018 0 By Origins java

If you’re a busy person, the kind of bed or mattress you choose might fall behind on your list of priorities. Any department store offers a vast array of beds and mattresses. It is most likely you’ll settle with these choices; looking into custom-made beds wouldn’t even occur to you. As long as the bed is soft and fits your room, it will do, right?


It turns out, however, that the kind of bed you sleep on can greatly influence your health, physical fitness, and even productivity. Many medical journals like the Chiropractic Medicine and Biomedical Engineering Online cite studies that correlate back and shoulder pain, muscle aches, and stress levels to the kind of beds people sleep on. They conclude that the beds where we rest and recover can influence our body’s recovery, restfulness, and health. Bed characteristics like firmness, length, material, and thickness are not to be taken lightly, and custom-made beds are the surest way to maximize our sleep.

How Custom Made Beds Help You Get the Most Out of Your Sleep

It doesn’t take a genius to know that your sleep is important. Young or old, working or stay-at-home, the handful of hours your body systems recover can determine how successful your day will go. The place you spend your sleeping hours deserves a hefty amount of your consideration. You don’t have to be a prince or princess to order a custom-made bed. Most of the times, it is what you need.

✅ Improved sleep quality.

A study published in Applied Ergonomics found that the kind of beds you sleep on can influence the comfort and restfulness of your sleep. Subjects of the study reported lessened interrupted sleep after their beds were replaced with medium-firm ones.

✅ Less back, shoulder, and muscle pain.

According to the journal Sleep Health, mattresses that are between medium and medium-firm, or custom-inflated, help lower instances of sleep-induced back and muscle pain. If you suffer from back pain during mornings, your sleeping position might not be a problem; maybe you need to change your bed.

✅ Improved spine alignment and support.

Super soft, feather-stuffed beds may speak of luxury, but it might not be what your body needs. According to a study from Biomedical Engineering, soft mattresses can cause lower back pain because of insufficient support to your vertebral column. If you have a “weak back,” the generic, mass-produced beds might not suit you.

✅ Lower stress levels.

Stress levels and the mind and body’s ability to manage stress have always been correlated to sufficient and quality sleep. Participants of the studies from Chiropractic Medicine and Biomedical Engineering reported of significantly lower perceived stress levels after their old mattresses have been replaced with new ones. You think that your stress stems from the people you meet at work? Think again. Beat those stress triggers by getting a good night’s sleep.

Why should you get your bed customized?

All the reasons mentioned above might seem like small sacrifices in order to not spend that extra cash on a bed. However, conditions like lower-back pain, neck and shoulder strain, and stressful sleep, if not mitigated, do not only encroach on and affect our work performance, capability to manage stress, and comfort, they could lead to more severe conditions in the future.

You might be asking yourself where to start in designing that bed made just for you. Fret not! Companies that specialize in custom-made beds would help you by asking the right questions and guiding you into the right decisions. They make sure that you get your value for money.

So give yourself a favor. You don’t have to be a royalty to get the most out of a good night’s sleep.