The Search for the Best Treatment for Sleep Apnea: Best CPAP Mask for Mouth Breather

The Search for the Best Treatment for Sleep Apnea: Best CPAP Mask for Mouth Breather

May 31, 2018 0 By Origins java

CPAP masks are supposed to be the mouth breather’s best friend when it comes to sleep apnea treatment. But are they, really? Countless patients have endured difficulties when it comes to using CPAP masks. Treatment success is not usually the issue.  The main complaint against the traditional sleep apnea CPAP is discomfort. How are we addressing the issue of comfort or discomfort?

The best CPAP mask for mouth breather follows a unique design that CPAP PRO adheres to: strapless, exactly configured, and quiet.

Freedom from Straps, Movable Tubes, Quiet Machine

Advancements have gone a long way since the traditional CPAP mask was distributed to the market. The image of the traditional mask is similar to a normal respiratory piece that you will find in an emergency room – tubes, straps, and no freedom for the patient.

Imagine getting treatment for a sleep disorder in such a state! No way would you want to sleep in the comfort of your home looking like a hospital patient. Fortunately, developments have allowed CPAP masks to be more user-friendly than before.

Its strapless feature makes the sleep apnea CPAP look like a personal gadget instead of actual medical equipment. But how does it work? The mouthpiece itself adheres to the patient’s teeth without the additional help of straps. If you are a mouth breather, you can assure your bedmate (if you have one) that CPAP PRO will help you sleep normally and more comfortably than before.

CPAP PRO is equipped with tubes that are flexible enough for the user to position in the most comfortable direction. This will avoid the painful obstruction on some parts of the body and allow for a variety of sleeping positions. A quiet machine complements the triad of spectacular design features to ensure a good sleep as if the patient is simply in a normal situation.

Precise Configuration for Your Anatomy and Preferences

In close relation to its strapless feature is the CPAP PRO’s customized mouthpiece. Unlike mass-produced masks, CPAP PRO is tailored to fit the user’s mouth shape to maximize comfort and to ensure that it doesn’t fall off. During treatment, the goal is to make the patient feel natural, as if no foreign object is strapped to the user. In other words, it is designed to make the patients feel like they were just wearing good old dentures.

Speaking of dentures, it is still recommended to consult with a doctor before utilizing any mouthpiece equipment sleep apnea CPAP.

A Good News for Mouth Breathers

CPAP masks might be among the most intimidating news for a mouth breather. This may count as second because the diagnosis of sleep apnea itself is truly discomforting news. Upon discussing treatment options and recognizing that one would have to wear a foreign mouthpiece and deal with tubes for an extended period, a patient might just swoon at the prospect of such ordeal.

Nevertheless, finding the best CPAP device is all it takes to make the treatment less of an ordeal.