Spruce Up These 4 Areas Around Your Home with Synthetic Grass in Houston, TX

Spruce Up These 4 Areas Around Your Home with Synthetic Grass in Houston, TX

March 6, 2020 0 By Origins java

Synthetic grass in Houston, TX is well-known as a low-maintenance, realistic alternative for landscapes and backyards. It’s also a favorite among golf fans who want a putting green just outside their door. If you’re wondering what else you can use artificial grass for, you’ll be happy to know that turf is perfect for so much more than flawless yards. Use synthetic turf to elevate the look and function of these four areas in your home!

Best Areas to Install  Artificial Grass Around Your Home

Artificial grass installation in Houston is a great way to add some green where real grass won’t grow. Since it doesn’t need soil, water, or fertilizers, it’s much more versatile than natural grass. Steal these creative ideas for your next turf project:

  1. Design a mini balcony paradise.

City dwellers who live in apartments don’t always have big yards to call their own. Craving for a breath of green in the concrete urban jungle? Turn your balcony into a personal garden with synthetic grass.

The material is light enough for elevated areas like the balcony, and the efficient drainage system will direct run-off away from the terrace. The simplest way to use turf for this area is as a rug. Add some potted plants, lights, and an outdoor chair, and you now have a relaxing perch overlooking the city.

  1. Green up your driveway.

Are you tired of looking at your bland, concrete driveway? Give it a makeover with synthetic grass in Houston, TX! Professional installers can cut turf to fit pavers and create intricate patterns in your driveway. They can also be integrated between raised stone hardscape to protect the fibers from being damaged by the cars. If your driveway connects to the backyard, this establishes a beautiful transition between the two.

  1. Border splash pads.

If you have a splash pad in your yard for the kids, consider surrounding it with synthetic turf. The free-draining quality of artificial grass can accommodate the amount of water in this area. It also provides a non-slip surface where children can play and run around with less risk of trips and falls. Better yet, you’ll be able to integrate the splash pad with the rest of your lawn for more cohesive exterior aesthetics.

  1. Carpet the living room with green.

Artificial grass may be in demand for use outdoors, but it also has fantastic indoor applications. For instance, it’s a great carpet replacement. Turf is soft underfoot, and its vibrant green shades make a unique statement inside the home. Aside from living rooms, you can also use in place of rugs in bedrooms, kitchens, game rooms, and other areas of the house.

The Sky is the Limit with Synthetic Grass Applications

Once you finish the four projects above, make sure to explore other ways of enhancing your home with artificial turf. You can use it as:

  • Green wall cover
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Outdoor carpet
  • Pet area flooring
  • Decorative material
  • And more

From residential and commercial applications to putting greens in Houston, a professional installation company can help ensure success for your turf projects. Call your local installers to learn more about how to use artificial turf!