Summer Vibe Décor Tips for Modern Living Room Furniture

Summer Vibe Décor Tips for Modern Living Room Furniture

June 1, 2019 0 By Origins java

The casual, sun-filled beach days of summer may only last for a month or two, but you don’t have to wait too long to bask in those carefree vibes again. Infuse your modern living room furniture design with some relaxing coastal style using this easy home décor tips!

Beach Vibe Design Tips for Living Rooms

With the right color combinations, furniture choices, and décor, a casual summer beach style can look up-to-date and amazing all year long. Bring home those sun-filled memories of sky and sea with these living room design tips:

  • Invite the Sky with Blues

Nothing says coastal like a clear blue sky, and you can evoke the same visuals using different shades of blue. First, create a welcoming background by choosing modern living room furniture in neutral tones. For instance, start with a beige, mid-century sectional to make the watery blues and greens stand out. Then play around with navy, aqua, teals, jade, and related hues until you find the combination that fits your style the most.

  • Bring in the Tropics with Summer Colors

Once you have your cool blues down, it’s time to brighten things up with some summer shades. Add pops of yellow, orange, copper, golds, mustard, and even red to the mix.

More importantly, don’t limit yourself to painting the walls; use your luxury living room furniture to your advantage. Display one or two brightly-colored ottomans to switch up your seating arrangement. Bring in an accent chair in a summery color you love. Use mirrors to expand the space and reflect those beach-centric shades all around the room.

  • Add Rustic Textures

Beach life means enjoying as much of that natural, outdoor experience as you can. Replicate this by adding natural elements to your living room design. The outdoor furniture section of modern furniture stores in Los Angeles is a great place to start.

Switch up your coffee table game by going with an industrial concrete or wood table for the space. Supplement your sofa with an outdoor bench to one side. Wicker outdoor chairs are another good choice; group two or three around a small table and place the set in a quiet corner of the living room for an instant activity area for board games, reading, and more.

  • Finish Up with Floral

Finally, complete the summer vibes in your living room by displaying flowers, floral artwork, and similar décor. Fresh flowers and plants such as ferns and palms are always best, but if you’d like a low-maintenance option, you can use life-like silk flowers instead.

Additionally, look through modern furniture stores in Los Angeles for contemporary artworks and unique decorative pieces for your home. A variety of lamps is also a must; you can create a relaxing ambiance by combining task lamps, floor lamps, and sconces to light up the space.

Explore Design Inspiration for All Seasons

Want to expand your living room design beyond that relaxing summer look? Schedule a trip to LA’s modern furniture stores for more inspiration to guide your living room design make-over!